Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hello again my pretty prettiessss, I'd like to show you something wonderfulllll~ I, Kandy Kanaveral, have my very own dress up dolly! She's just like what you're used to, but totally unconscioussss, and maybe half dead too!

My lovely dolly is wearing some of the pretties you will ffind at the Black Bacchanal, which opens tomorrrrrrrrrowwww oh boy I can't wait! The Bacchanal will only be here for a FEW days, but some of the best in dark design will be showing you new and wonderfully exciting pieces priced in the totally appropriate ranges of 13L, 30L, 113L, and maybe a fewwwwww 300L pieces.
+++Blue Blood+++ 'Dread' dress (red) - Available at the Bacchanal

There will be gatchas and- oh wait Wrenja is trying to talk, that is sooooo cute. What is that? Oh, that's mean. You shouldn't talk to your owner like that, or we won't play tea party later. Now, be a good girl and keep that trap shut. Anyway, as I was saying. I bet you can't wait to see everything that's going to show up starting tomorrowww, I can't either, all of these pretties are soooooooo pretty!
Arsenic Lace 'Clown' shirt - Available at the Bacchanal
Sn@tch 'In the ring' striped pants -
Available at the Bacchanal

Lots of dresses and pretties and none of Wrenja's lip. Mmmm sounds like the makings of a wonderful Bacchanal. The gurgling noises she keeps making are making me squeal with glee. What about you? I can't have been the *only* one who wanted this bitch out of commision. I GOT MY WISH! The best kind fo Wrenja is an unconscious Wrenja.
Arsenic Lace 'Harlequin' Dress (Pink/Sky) - Available at the Bacchanal

See you again tomorrow! I'll have more pretty dresses and clothes and weeeeeeee!

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