Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pluto still got it

In recent days one of my favorite Jewelry stores has closed their group and joined one of the proliferating numbers of stores grouping together to better serve their clientel. Pluto+ is a new group consisting of the stores PERTURB/ation, >>Zacca<<, Clematis, Nonino and Miyazu. On top of that, they are all on the same sim, and right now as a sim/group opening event, each store has a gift out for Pluto+ group members.
PERTURB/ation choker - Pluto+ group gift
Zacca small house - Pluto+ group gift
Silent Sparrow 'Gutter Glitter' half top (sanguine) - picks reward

Also, the lovely Hyasynth Tiramisu of Silent Sparrow put out a new picks reward gift, a four pack of cute little tops. You'll find them sitting next to the lucky bird at her store. You'll find a new dress in the bird, but remember, you have to be a Silent Sparrow group member to claim the lucky bird prizes.

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