Tuesday, March 16, 2010

traipsing in the dark

Bare Rose is one of many stores you'll find at the Clothing Fair, located on the Tokyo sim. Like many there has been a large release of Alice in Wonderland themed sets, but unlike so many others, the sets at Bare Rose, are AMAZING. I love that June is exploring areas of the story other than the obvious, with a fantastic Jub Jub bird set, and an impressive Jabberwock avatar, all at the amazingly low prices you can expect from Bare rose.

Through out the fair, there will be a new release every day, so make sure to check back every day, I know I am. The first release of the fair made me all kinds of excited. It's this gorgeous White Queen dress, which comes with optional pink or gold accent pieces, the dress is richly textured and beautifully made.

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