Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Go Humble

There were a few designers at the Accessory Fair that really knocked me over with their work. A clear standout for me is Sigma.

Jewelry - SIGMA Jewels/ Admira necklace & earrings (charcoal/silver)

Now that I've got a few humble tricks under my belt as a content creator, I've become an intolerable snob about what I like and what I think is worth a few bucks. So, when I find something that makes me say, "Holy crap! How'd they do that?" I know I need to get it. Walking into Sigma for the first time, I had that reaction over and over.

Necklace - SIGMA Jewels/ Deco chain necklace (black)

When I wear these pieces, I keep desperately analyzing every inch and twist and component, trying to unlock their crafty little secrets. They are just filled with thoughtful little details, every part so carefully constructed, I cannot find a flaw in them - and trust me, I've been looking XD Plus, they even come with different attachment points and fullbright options. I should be jealous, but I'm too damn impressed. Truly fantastic work. Gotta be my favorite of the whole Fair.

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