Sunday, March 7, 2010

Her name was Lola

In the past few days, one of my favorite purveyors of lingerie had a new release. Seldom Blue has released the new Lola line, with all kinds of options to wear the set, lingerie, body suits, a dress, and fat packs come with a darling feathered head piece. There are a pile of colors, and a couple of different ways to buy the set. There is the full set, then a less expensive set with just the dress version, and another set with just the lingerie. You can buy the set you love, or everything, it's nice when you have that option.

As always, with the new release comes a special edition, at a special price to get you excited. The white and red lingerie set is *so* cute, with frills you can wear, or pass on. For only 99L, you can't really pass it up, and there is also a flamboyant purple head dress available for 1L (not shown)
Lola Lingerie special offer - 99L

P.s. - Gloves not included ;x

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