Saturday, March 20, 2010

Get 'Em While You Still Can!

There are some truly amazing gifts and goodies out there for you to grab before they all disappear!

Dress - * **MIS** Seasons Are Changing - BlackBerry (closed for renovations)
Skin - Cupcakes - Allure - Copper - Dark Brow - Mag (Group Gift)

Jewelry - Bliensen + MaiTai - Morning Fog Jewelry Set

On the off chance that you've missed them, or capped out, there's a great big generous, Group Gift fatpack of skins from Cupcakes' latest line Allure sitting in past notices. They're probably going to drop out this weekend, so make sure you grab them while you still can. This could be my new favorite skin from this shop. The makeup is soft and rather neutral and it strikes a nice balance. You even get brow and freckle options. Seriously, there are a mountain of skins to play with in this gift. Don't miss it!

Outfit - -Phoenix Rising-Brace (Ruby)
Skin - Cupcakes - Allure - Lace - Dark Brow - Mag (Group Gift)

Necklace - ((Crystal line))Broadway Nights Necklace

Bracelet - ::::IrUrU:::: Kayan_forearm

Flower - Haunted Zuzu - Black Crystal Bloom Hair Flower in Cherry (modded)

Nails - Mstyle Perfect Short Nails - Classic

The dress in the top pic is from Mischief, which is currently closed for renovations, but you can find her new releases, along with a ton of RFL items at the Clothing Fair. The outfit in the pic above is a recent release from Phoenix Rising. I love an outfit that's comprised of really great separates. You just get so much more bang for your buck. The outfit in the picture below is a Group Gift, pre-release from Pig and can only be found in the notices of the Purveyors of Accidental Love Group. The group was founded by Izzy of PDA Poses (now closed) and promises to be a place for random gifts. At the time of this posting there are 3 gifts - this outfit plus 2 sets of poses - in past notices, but they are set to disappear any minute. Join the in-world group to get them.

Outfit - Pig - Darling Baby Seal in Flesh - (Group Gift)
Skin - Cupcakes - Allure - Glow - Dark Brow - Mag - (Group Gift)

Headband - ::SPLIT PEA:: Drag me far enough to know - Feather headband

Earrings - Zaara : Urvi Earrings *gold*

Ring - [!SyDS! Ring] Serenite (Green)

All of the jewelry and accessories used in this post can be found at the Accessory Fair. The set in the top pic is my favorite new release from Bliesen + MaiTai. The pearl necklace in the second pic is from Crystal Line, the bracelet is part of a set from IrEn and the hair flower is a slightly modded version from Haunted Zuzu. The nails in that picture are from MStyle. I have to admit, prior to getting these, I was dead-set against prim nails. 99% of the time they look really hideous, gaudy and/or claw-like to me. But some friends tried these and raved, and so I needed to give them a shot. And, OMG, they were right! The MStyle nails turned out to be a perfect fit and actually look pretty natural. I'm loving them and am sold for good on the brand.

Skin - Cupcakes - Allure - Nutmeg - Dark Brow - Mag - (Group Gift)
Necklace - ZC : Adira necklace *claw silver*

Bracelets - Zaara : Patra silver wire bracelets *clear*

Pose - Striking Poses

The headband in the third pic is one of the new releases from Split Pea. You know I'm a sucker for some Split Pea feathers... The ring is from !SyDS! and it's ridiculously affordable. The earrings in that pic, plus the bracelets and necklace in the final picture are all from Zaara's. Who in their right mind can resist anything from Zaara's, let alone some finely crafted jewelry? Her texture work and design innovation never cease to inspire me. Each of these pieces is like a little master class on how to make awesome.

The pose in that final picture is from Striking Poses. If you haven't heard, the designer is leaving SL, closing her shop and selling her sim. There is no telling if she or her enormous body of work will ever return, so RUN. NOW! Go buy everything that isn't nailed down and be quick about it! I've heard the sim sale has gone through, so everything will be going poof very very soon!

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Trinity Beltran said...

Can I just ask which pose pack that pose from Striking Poses was in? I'm not sure if I already have it or not, lol. And have you heard she has opened up a small store at Reasonable Desires location?