Monday, March 22, 2010


Today Ghanima at +++Blue Blood+++ had a bit of a crazy and released what she likes to call MUTANT BABY ANIMALS. That's right, baby mutants all over adorable dresses, and with this release there is a really cool promotion going on, buy the dress and it comes with an extra copy to give to a friend! Each set comes with the three skirt versions, and there are four colors available for you to buy. I really can't decide which one I like most, I just know I want to hug them. And only 100L!
Narita already covered the new []::Tuli::[] skins, but she told me I had to as well or she'd tie me to a chair and make me watch 40 hours of dancing with the stars, straight through, clockwork orange style. Not Nice, Narita. Mmmm alliteration. Anyway, all I have to say is GORGEOUS. Last week I was talking to Narita about how I like []::Tuli::[] skins, and I'm in the group, but... they never really look all that great on me personally. I was thinking about leaving the group. She convinced me to stay to witness this new release, and all I can say is, there were three other groups that got deleted last night, []::Tuli::[] was not one of them. Also look at that pale *swoon* I love it when skin designers actually understand what the word 'pale' means.


Narita said...

that skin is too perfect on you :D

Sydd Sinister said...

i agree, ive been in the tuli group forever, and her skins have always been nice but none ever really fit me. but the new one is definitely beautiful. and the pale is really nice!

Wrenja said...

Exactly Sydd! I was totally excited about a skin that looked amazing on me :D