Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Black and Blank

For the first time ever *Cobrahive* is having a sale. Not just any sale either, 50% off of EVERYTHING. Well, save for the 10L area, but please, the 10L area is a ridiculous deal to begin with. Everything from hats, to piercings, gloves, belts and everything in between. There is a neko area too, but we all know how I feel about that. I'm so in love with their neck braces, and the glam piercing is hot, but that doesn't even get me started, cause I could talk about the officer caps alllllll night. So get to, the sale will be on until the 24th of March, so you have a pretty fair amount of time to get some seriously cool accessories.

*Cobrahive* 'Officer Cap V2' (Black) - 90L
*Cobrahive* 'Sureibu Collar' (1) - 75L
*Cobrahive* 'Evil Hand Claws' - 75L
*Cobrahive* 'Big Waist Belt' (Polka Dot) - 60L

I admit it, I will wait and wait and wait for a sale. But, you don't want to wait because the deals aren't going to get much better than this. Drop some well earned coin on some fantastic pieces to add to your collection so you can be the baddest bitch on the block ;x

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