Monday, November 2, 2009

Au Revoir! (for now)

Good morning, so I am less than 24 hours away from leaving for the airport. I'm really starting to stress, and get kind of scared. I've been scared, but now its starting to feel real. I'm sitting in a room that has never been so empty, and it's a strange feeling. I'm closing a very large chapter of my life to begin a new one, hopefully one filled with excitement, adventure, and fun, because that's a large part of why I'm making this move. I will be off SL after tonight, for at least 4 days to a week. Depending on when my computer tower arrives at my new home. But for now, laundry. And, lots of it.

Good thing Ghanima never fails to keep me clothed, and today with her new Talena line, I've fallen in love once again. I keep saying that her newest release is my favorite, but it's so true. She keeps out doing herself, and this time, I dunno how she can top it. I feel like little red riding hood in this set.

The set is totally variable, leaving you with any number of options in terms of wearing this set. You have an adorable capelet, a shirt and a corset, cap sleeves and long sleeves, and your imagination to make this set unique to you. I'm such a sucker for the lacing, I love the asymmetrical plunge it takes.

The set comes in red, purple, teal, gold and of course black. Just remember that, if you want the black, you need to be a member of the +++Blue Blood+++ group. I hope you guys had a great Halloween, I know I did. And I'll see you soon!


Narita said...

have a safe flight, sweetie! and have an AMAZINGLYAWESOME time when you arrive! *BIGBIGHUGS* :D <333333

Fel said...

Have a safe flight, and good luck! We'll miss you, Wrenja. =)

Sylvan said...

Safe travels! I hope the flight is uneventful.

Hempy Weezles said...


I'm so happy for you beginning this journey of your life. You will discover a lot about yourself in this time. I cant wait to see you spread your wings and fly. :)

Have a safe trip!

Much love and support,