Sunday, November 22, 2009

A winter fairy tale

In the dark forests, as the snow begins to fall, for the eyes of no mortal to gaze upon, fairy tales unfold. Strange creatures of great beauty and ferocity, ranging from the hideous Baba Yaga to the fragile snow maiden, inhabit this world. Though we can't go there, it's fun to pretend and RFyre has just released 'Oksana' to help you pull together the perfect Russian fairy tail of your own.

The dress comes with two skirts, one long and this beautiful mid length one, so whether you're a capricious spirit or an elegant maiden, they've got you covered. The set also comes with a gorgeous posture collar, and the head piece is so much fun, you'll spend hours looking at yourself.

In case you *didn't* hear, the shoe fair started this morning at 10 am SLT, spanning two sims, with lots of ridiculously beautiful shoes, and a lot of really great charity pieces. My lovely hooves are available exclusively at the shoe fair right now, Lazy Place's new style of Lola hoof, comes in a cloven (shown), equine, and as a paw. It's very different from their traditional hoofies, and it took me a little bit to get used to them, but after I figured them out, I fell in love. They come in black, white and brown, so if you're hoofie inclined, you should find one you love. There are a lot of new shoes from Lazy Places in the fair, and I'll be showing you more over the next week :D

I have no doubt you've been wondering what I got for my birthday. Well, one of the gifts was the gorgeous skin I'm wearing. The new Deviant Kitties line of skins, is gorgeous and makeups to make *everyone* happy. From blood spatters, bright aggressive colors, to more sensual and traditional makeups. The Gypsy line within the new set, is one of the most beautiful and edgy sets I've seen, and I'm absolutely in love with it. I've had not one regret about asking for these skins, and ugh, how could I, look at me. I'm feckin' gorgeous.


Harper Beresford said...

Oh love it styled as you did, especially that skin. Darn you.. now I have to go spend money! Thanks, Wrenja!

Wrenja said...

Of course :D