Monday, November 23, 2009

Rambo's got nothin on me.

Last Thursday, which just so happened to be my birthday, my favorite Ghanima from +++Blue Blood+++ dropped a folder on me. "I worked extra hard to finish these because I know it's your birthday." Awwww x3. When I put the dresses on I died. After the white excitement with the Acha dress, I was beside myself, rolling around on the floor all around Ghani squealing with glee WHIIIIIIIITE. MOAR FOREVER PLZ. Well, Ghanima is coming through and from now and into the future will be providing white options for her dresses, can't you just die? C'mon do it with me, die with me.
On Wrenja 1
+++Blue Blood+++ Dollheart Goth white dress - Midnight Mania TODAY ONLY
Deviant Kitties Moon skin Gypsy 5 (Porcelain) - 900L
Kalnins 'Dragoness' Heel - 800L
Wrenja 2
+++Blue Blood+++ Dollheart dress (Red) - 300L
Deviant Kitties Moon skin Gypsy 5 (Porcelain) - 900L
Lazy Places 'Ankou' cloven hoof (black)- 350L
Wrenja 3
+++Blue Blood+++ Dollheart goth white dress (pink) - 300L
Deviant Kitties Moon skin Gypsy 5 (Porcelain) - 900L
Lazy Places 'Ankou' cloven hoof (white)- 350L

The perfect complement to the new +++Blue Blood+++ Dollheart dress, is Lazy Place's Ankou boots, which come in cloven, equine, paws annnnnnd Elven? I'll be showing you those ones later, but Mmmmm cloven spooky kid boots. Like the lola hooves I showed you yesterday, they come in black, white and brown. Another option would be the new Dragoness heels from Kalnins, which don't disappoint at *all*. Totally pretty and of course color change, so you can perfectly match them to whatever you're wearing.

You might have heard whisperings of a S.I.C. hunt going on. Well, that's because there is, and the prize would be those glorious machine guns strapped to my thighs. The hunt is on sick5, and is no easy task. This isn't a data box hunt, this is a hunt where you find one item and get a hint to the next. Your first hint? Get ready to dig through the garbage. I think I love +++Blue Blood+++'s dresses even more because the full skirts conceal the guns well, and the open skirt just makes you look intimidating. I dub thee Aggro Lolita RARRRR >:O

If you weren't listening yesterday, the new Deviant Kitties skins are TO DIE FOR. And here is another reason to part with your lindens. Hello Gypsy5, can I lick you? You really, honestly should check these skins out, as they are utterly gorgeous and amazing and wonderful, and I um... I really like them, if you couldn't tell.

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