Monday, November 30, 2009


So today my lovelies we're going to talk about lag, and ARC. Over the past week and a half there have been a series of parties going on at the DeVOL sim. Good music, and the added bonus of gift tickets has made them very desirable parties to go to. They're over at this point for the time being, but until yesterday they were great fun.

So yesterday morning I log and hop over to the party, grab my tickets and get called away from my computer for a few moments. Unfortunately I had just woken up, and it didn't register that I was still wearing the Alienbear Jewelry from the shoot the evening before. I return to my computer with an IM from someone at the party informing me that they had to kick me and I could return in ten minutes if I de primmed. Totally understandable.

Now, I'm just going to clarify something here before we get into the nitty gritty. This isn't just about me, because I'm sure I'm not the only one who got screwed over by the sim owner. There are probably a fair number of other people who got an estate ban for less.

Let's fast forward to this morning. Time for the last party, and I log on. I already knew my ARC was under 1k, which is what the hosts at the so kinky parties had been preaching so I hop on over. Banned. What? I was told I could return in ten minutes yesterday. I have some friends do some investigating, the Sim owner is at the party but not responding to IMs. My friends message her, I message her, I also send her a note card in the event that she's not hearing IMs. Finally a response.

[9:22] Wrenja Czaczkes: Hi K----, I was banned from the sim yesterday for an ARC issue, which was a complete mistake and I apologize for. But I was told I'd only have to wait ten minutes before I could come back and I'm still banned.
[9:27] Inventory item offered
[9:34] K---- M-----: I will unban u after the party
[9:34] Wrenja Czaczkes: that's kind of cruel :\
[9:34] Wrenja Czaczkes: but thank you
[9:35] K---- M-----: yesterday, u were over 10,000 at here, it was so dameged for the party ppls, pls understand it.
[9:35] Wrenja Czaczkes: yes, but it was accidental
[9:35] Wrenja Czaczkes: i wouldn't intentionally show up to a party with an ARC that high, but I understand. It just sucks because I went to every party
[9:36] Wrenja Czaczkes: and if it's any consolation my arc is under 500 right now :P
[9:37] K---- M-----: I hope next so kinky if u fix about arc before joint the party, u can enjoy with friends ;P

Well, okay. We're all adults here I'd assume. But if I get told, "you can come back in ten minutes" I feel like I should be able to come back in ten minutes. Now lets think for a minute here. There are SO many people who don't even know what ARC *is*. How many of them were banned during this party series?

There are SO many more people who don't realize that with lag, ARC isn't even the real issue. The sim owner above included. The issue started coming to light after hair fair when Pandora Wrigglesworth of Curio Obscura wrote a very enlightening post about the real causes of lag, I.E. bandwidth, textures, scripts, etc. you can read it here, it's a great read and more people should really understand what causes lag.

So here we are, I'm angry with how rude the sim owner was to me. I understand why I was kicked yesterday, I don't question it, and it's fair. I should have been un-banned in that ten minute time frame though. Playing vindictive and rude to people who are trying to be gracious and clear the air is a nasty way to act. At this point, I'm somewhat glad I didn't get around to blogging the so kinky gifts before the weekend started, and in the future I won't be endorsing their parties to anyone, not on the blog, not to my group and not to my friends.

I think the lesson here, isn't even 'don't wear a high arc to a party' it's DON'T BE FUCKING RUDE TO PEOPLE BECAUSE SOMETIMES YOU'RE RUDE TO THE WRONG PERSON. Also, educate yourself on what actually causes lag :P Oh and, if you say a person can return in ten minutes, YOU LET THEM OKAY? Kay. Rant over.


Jaybird said...

I got the same boot my arc was alot less..and i aplogized formally in a notecard. I didn't complain seeing as i was in the wrong..yet i wasnt allowed back till after the parties *sigh* and the read about the real cause of lag...everyone NEEDS to read it..its awesome. Thank you for pointing all this out <3

Catherine said...

The more education people can get on this the better. I did a blog post months ago about lag. Here's two other great articles. thanks to Ana Lutetia for the second one.