Monday, November 16, 2009

pale and white

This morning Ghanima of +++Blue Blood+++ dropped a new line of dresses for her devotees to drool over. Named Acha, after the one and only Achariya, for suggesting she should use more patterns. It's funny cause I'd been thinking the same thing only yesterday, I'm just no good at remembering to tell people things that I think. It comes in Purple, red, Pink teal, and.... black? If you'll remember black is generally only for group members (50L people, whats the problem :P )and this time is no different... except one thing. The black set has an extra skirt and corset, giving you WHITE. Can you say amazing? I immediately IMed Ghanima with a pile of gibberish upon seeing it. It's. so. beautiful. And perfect. And wonderful. And *white*.

If you're in the +++Blue Blood+++ group (again, 50 L, what's the problem :P) you've been getting notices about exclusive sales. Super special sets set to 29L for a limited time. Ghani never tells you how long it's going to be out for, but there have been two sets in the past few days, and what better way to build your +++Blue Blood+++ wardrobe. Join the group to get word first.

So recently on the blogs, everyone has been messing themselves over the Kalnins Boudoir booties. I'd agree, but I feel like showing you a couple of other pairs of shoes from the store. In the top picture I'm wearing the Fall ankle boots and the gorgeous and amazing Empress prim footed heels. Bottom picture is once again the Fall ankle boots. These shoes are gorgeous and affordable, and they're color change. What now Stiletto Moody? You need to wear these shoes, you need to try them on and love them and possibly lick them. Or have some cute boy lick them.

When I saw the empress heels I kind of just stood in awe, and when I put them on... I kind of just stood in awe. One of the totally awesome things that sets these shoes apart from so many others, with the skin tones they don't hate on the pale girls, and there is a factory preset just for you. You may have to add a tiny bit more red, but the color HUD is so easy to use, you'll have your perfect skin tone in moments. If not instantly by hitting that wonderful pale factory preset.

That's important to me, do you know how many pairs of prim footed shoes I've slaved over to get the right skin tone because the designer doesn't think that pale is a skin tone people use? Sorry, not all of us desire to be orange, and you can know Kalnins will support you in your endeavors for being pale. High Five to you for that.

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