Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shop Till You Drop

OMG! There are so many sales going on this weekend, I'm absolutely dizzy from it all. O.o

Dress - *Fishy Strawberry* Oversized Cardigan with socks - Brown - $50L
Shoes - .:Periquita Mary Squares Shoes:. Brown - $50L (Fatpack)
Skin - []::Tuli::[] Bella (sunkissed/br) VIP exclusive - FREE (Group Gift)
Poses - []on the cover[] Fairy 1-3 - FREE (Group Gift)

Okay, first up, if you love $50L Fridays (and who doesn't?), you're probably going to like the latest spin-off, Weekend Fever. This is the inaugural weekend and it's basically the same concept - a rotation of some fab shops with $50L items, but this time you have all weekend to grab them. For the first week, the line-up is pretty good. Fishy Strawberry is offering the comfy sweater dress pictured above, plus an outfit for guys. And Periquita is kicking ass with a Fatpack of 3 pairs of brown shoes. I also need to mention the poses used in this pic are a Group Gift from On The Cover, which is temporarily closing it's doors, while the wonderfully awesome owner pursues some RL opportunities. We're all going to miss her work while she's away. Break a leg, Mashi! :D

Top - :::Sn@tch Stretch Jerseys::: (Brown) - $135L (Fatpack)
Shoes - .:Periquita Q-Steps Golden Brown Shoe:. - $50L (Fatpack)
Skin - []::Tuli::[] Bella (sunkissed/br) VIP exclusive (PU1) - FREE (Group Gift)


Dress - :::Sn@tch Nervous Energy::: (Pink) - $160L (Fatpack)

Sn@tch is getting in on the sale action - everything is marked down and insanely cheap right now! And, if you're familiar with Sn@tch, you know that everything is sold as a Fatpack. So, you're getting a pile of clothes for next to nothing! :O Run! Now's your chance to stock up! And, speaking of fatpacks, guess who dropped the mack-daddy Fatpack of the day... None other than The Lady Miss Tuli! There is a mondo Fatpack of her latest skin line waiting for Group members in the magic mushroom at the store. You would not believe the pile-up of rabid fashionistas we had there today when the notice went out! XD

Right - * MichaMi: Malina in Blue - $125L
Left - ~HSC~ Midnight - $138L

Among the mass of sales going on right now, there are 2 more you need to pop in and check out. MichaMi has a few selected items in her shop marked down 50%. I snagged this great little blue mini that also converts into a killer little longsleeve top. I needed another blue mini (cause who can ever have enough, right?), so I hit the 50% off sale at Haute Style & Co. This weekend only - so hurry! Loads of great deals - happy shopping! :D

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