Friday, November 20, 2009

Warm It Up

What did you buy at this week's $50L Friday event?

Dress - Top - ~Scribble~ Lodge Sweater - $50L (Owl Set)

I couldn't pass up this sweet little sweater dress set from Scribble. It comes with 2 skirt options, with & without the owl decal. You can even wear it as a sweater top (seen in the picture below), again with the owl option waist prim, or on its own, without any of the prim attachments. How's that for a versatile bargain?

Top - ~Scribble~ Lodge Sweater - $50L (Owl Set)
Boots - SLink - Sydney Gold Edition Overknee Boot - $50L
Wagon - Reek - Reek Flyer Red Wagon - $50L

The smexy gold boots from Slink were impossible to pass up. With a regular retail price tag of $700L, this was practically mandatory. And, gosh, are they ever sleek; the shading is nearly obscene. I did a little dance of joy when I spotted the reduced price on the Reek Flyer Wagon, too. Been wanting this one for a while. It's insanely adorable and comes with size options, junk in the trunk and even a version that allows you to take along a few passengers. Soooo cute!

Skirt - *katat0nik* (pink) Le Milkshake Bustle - $50L

Returning to teh smexy, KatatOnik is offering up this wickedly hot little bustle skirt, that comes with a set of little pink heart pasties. While it's perfect for paring with corsets and puffy-sleeved blouses, on it's own, it really begs for a private milkshake dance. ;D


Hempy Weezles said...

*begs for the milkshake dance*

Narita said...


Sorcha Trevellion said...

awww Reek must have changed their item - it was the snowy flyer when I went there (the stationary one). Still cute, but no Hobbes in the trunk :(

Narita said...

i just heard the same from inclinations - so sad. :(

im sure its adorable, but this one is total win & worth the regular price.