Thursday, November 26, 2009

Schools out

So for the three of you who are reading this, this lovely Thanksgiving afternoon, I've got shooz and a freebie for ya. Starting off today with that adorable naughty school girl top, pink, ugh my favorite. You'll find this as well as a blue, green, yellow and black version in the lucky chairs at Paradisis. I waited like... ALL DAY for the pink one. Totally worth it. Also, don't forget to hit the midnight mania for a super cute dress set.

Yes, I know you've seen the pink ANEXX boots at shoe fair. So have I, and ohhhh how I lusted over them. And now, now they are mine. Lust with me. Mmmmm The textures are gorgeous and they fit beautifully, just like you'd expect from ANEXX, two different styles are available in six colors each, and retail for 580L, not bad for the quality you're getting. Mmmm boots. These are definitely going to pose stiff competition for my J's engineer boots >.>

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