Tuesday, November 24, 2009


INDI has another completed freebie puzzle outfit out and is ready for you to claim. If you've never taken part in it before, every week the owner puts out a new piece of the outfit for 1L. Once the outfit is completed you can buy previous pieces for 5L, and the current for one. This set has 6 pieces to it, so if you get the whole thing it will only cost you 26L, So it's much cheaper to stop by weekly, but if you can't, what's 26L? Not bad, especially for the quality that INDI provides, and these are some serious quality separates. I'm torn between the hotpants and the suspender belt as my favorite piece in the set. This will be out until sometime on Saturday, when a new freebie outfit puzzle will begin.

Continuing on the Lazy Places love, probably one of my favorites among her new releases would be the Hen-Tai heel. But I *love* me some tentacles. You might have noticed among the various Lovecraft references I make throughout the blog, but check these babies out, elder-godly and fashionable.

There's been a lot of boo hooing over beaten up skins lately. All I really have to say about it is "You ought to see the other guy.". Following along that vein, Patiskins has recently released her own line for beaten up skins called.... 'The Winner'. Damn straight. Totally affordable at 150L each, if you're really hurting there is also a 10L version available too. No one should go without a black eye, here, let me help you out with that ;x

If you're on the U&R Dogs' subscribo, there is a new group gift out, which is lovely as you can come to expect from U&R. This bracelet was just put out yesterday, and is available down stairs on the wall adjacent from the lucky chair. Mmmmm I love me soem U&R Dogs freebies :o


Hempy Weezles said...

wooo I love it!! .. Hey where is the hair from in the first pic middle :D

Wrenja said...

Eat Rice ;x