Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Diamond Dogs

A little bit of a 50L Black Friday teaser for you. Kunstkammer pulled out all of the stops for this event with a gorgeous belt, that sits beautifully on the hip. Sassy and stylish, and a menu with every color you could possibly want in a belt. On top of that, you can change the metal on the gems too. It also comes with an option to just wear the buckle which is lovely, wouldn't you say?

Mmmmm pink leather belt? I say yes. for 50L, how can you say no? There are practically 40 different color options in the menu all together, so you're getting a whole pile of belts for hardly the price of one. It also has a setting for sitting while wearing a skirt, how rad is that? 50L Friday starts at midnight, so grab a list wherever you can (there is one in the L/H Group notices for instance) and be ready to shop, because I'm not going to be done shopping until I've pulled at least one bitch's weave out. That's how black Friday works, isn't it?

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