Sunday, November 22, 2009

Barbee with a side of LeeZu

I first found Barbee wondering around the Elliot sim, doing the panty hunt in a random moment of boredom. I was instantly taken with the clothes they had on display and did some mainstore investigating. I soon forogot about the shop, mostly until I saw it on a Halloween Stamp Rally poster and found it situated in a new store in Devol and it had a subscribe so I could keep updated on it, yay.
So Barbee now occupies a corner of the Devol sim where it has a beautiful black and white theme. I think there's also an art gallery out there. I was close to taking my pictures there but ended up back in a skybox. x:

This red sculpted dress is a freebie at the mainstore.

These leggings are a gift from the Switch Mall / Creator's Pavillion branch. It's still small but I have high hopes for Barbee, hopefully it'll keep growing. :3
The scarves used were given out by Leezu Baxter earlier this week in her subscriber.

First Picture
Dress - Barbee - Mainstore Freebie
Scarf - LeeZu Baxter - Subscriber Gift
Poppies - Flirt - Mass Freebie Re-Release for Thanksgiving (Lots of pretty jewellery)

Second Picture
Leggings - Switch Mall / Creator's Pavillion - Switch Mall Opening Gift
Scarf - LeeZu Baxter - Subscriber Gift

(I'm not in-world to grab LeeZu's and Flirt's LM but Flirt is on Rigby and LeeZu, I think, is ToTheNines and they'll both be in search. Yay Search.)

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