Saturday, November 7, 2009

So Nice.

Oh, oh oh oh. I am back :O Well, a little bit at least. I cried my eyes out as the plane just *had* to do one last swoop over my beloved city of Seattle before heading on its way to Arizona. But honestly, from the sound of it, it doesn't sound like I'm missing much. 40s and rain? I'll take a dry mid 80s, thank you.

I'll also take all of the fabulous new goodies from Seldom Blue. This week they've released a new dress line, MIA, with some really fun prints, most of them animal. Yum. Then, there are the special promo dresses. As usual there is a fantastic 1L dress, then the 100L set, and finally the full priced pretties.

I also had a pretty fabulous cuff set appear in my inventory from Kunstkammer. If you missed out on the gorgeous pearl set yesterday during 50L Friday, or just want more colors, the Glamazon set is also available in gunmetal, as you can see on my perfect little wrists.

The MIA line comes with two prim skirts and two system skirts, and if you're really brave, you might just wear it without the skirt for a sexy little number, or if you're just cosplaying as Peggy Bundy. There are also matching purses available to complete the look.

Now, if someone could find me an SPF that didn't make my skin sting, I'd be golden D:


Jaxie Oceanlane said...

Woohoo, wrenja welcome to the desert. Well, I'm west of your desert, but it's still the sunny and warmness...and I recommend Kiehl's :)

Wrenja said...

Thanks ^^ I'll have to look into it :D