Monday, November 16, 2009

Can You Beat My 1.4-5fps?

I know why I hate taking photographs. I have a framerate of 1.4fps right now with my atmospheric shaders on and the highest I've seen this weekend was 5. x: (You can find out your framerate by pressing Ctrl+Shift+1 and it's the number at the top.) Somebody buy me a new computer? x:
At least I found a decent screen, everything's not so dark and I can see details better, I don't walk into walls in dark shops. :D

In attempt to get back into the swing of blogging, here is an awesome shirt from Whippet and Buck. It's actually a man's shirt but I think it'll work well for most women too. :3
Ack, Shania Twain in my head. D:

Men's Shirt - Whippet and Buck - Freebie


nimil said...

i used to have fps like that until i got a new video card X-x when i switched and i saw 15fps on the info thing i about had a heart attack.

Janell Carnell said...

I am the same way but am 1.2-1.5 fps on high and on low am 1.8 ha ha so whoever gets u a computer will they get me one too ? :(