Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cheap Skins from Plastic Flowers

Hope your Christmas and New Year went well, everyone. :3 I have a good feeling for 2010. :3 I already did something new and got a taxi on my own for the first time. Good steps for seriosuly sheltered Tricketts. x:
Going with new steps, Crystalin of Plastic Flowers has began to make skins. :3 And she has a few out for cheap at the moment. The sim PF was on was returned so the store is currently set out in two smaller locations at Witch Lagoon/Shadow Moon and Riddle.
There are four skins for 15L each. These would be the pink and smokey sets:

And there is a pale and tan New Year's skin for 25L for both:

The skins are hybrid-mods of Eloh and Evana templates as Crys writes in her notecards, which is awesome to know. :3 Templates are full perm skin sets with PSDs sold on X-Street or available for free download (Sezmra and Eloh) and they are relatively common place now, usually they are modified to create something more unique and representitive of the creator's style. They are also available for clothes and sculpt maps which explains why some skins or boots or clothes may look very similar to other skins and boots and clothes. Most stores won't tell you they're using templates so you just have to learn to identify them or research them on X-Street. When I first saw tempalted stuff I thought it was copied clothing and I spent a long time trying to figure out if I should tell the shop owner so I think it's very helpful stuff to know. x:
The regular skins themselves are currently said to 100L, I think they're on sale from 200L.

Skins - Plastic Flowers (at Witch Lagoon/Shadow Moon)/Plastic Flowers (at Riddle) - 15L-25L


Wrenja said...

Congrats on your first taxi!

I'll never forget hailing a taxi from four blocks away at three am in the middle of januray a few years ago with a friend, it was like a sanctuary xd

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Firstly congrats your first taxi.
Great post. It’s a fascinating journey, to be sure, and I’ll be really interested to follow yours and see how you get on!

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