Saturday, January 23, 2010

Party or Passion

Seldom Blue had another release yesterday, the new Evangeline line, in piles of gorgeous colors, but there is something so classic and edgy about the black that just excites me. A set with four skirts, white arm floofs and all. Twelve pieces included equal piles of possibilities to make the set your own. There is also the option to buy the long gown singularly.

Those of you on a tighter budget, there is a special edition gold set for 100L, with two skirts and beautiful. The long skirt is exclusive to this 100L set, and is fantastic, I love how gauzy and ethereal it is. That lovely feathered head dress is a singular linden, how can you say no to that. I love me some cheap theatrics.

whether you're feeling flirty, sexy or fun, you have options to achieve that look, and with Exile's new Amelia hair, you're sure to turn heads. I'm endlessly thrilled by Seldom Blue's work, I just want more latex :o..

P.S. another sneaky preview of the upcoming B. Bodenhall skin line coming out. Totally sexy lips right? Keep a look out for a full preview coming up soon as we get closer to the line release!

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