Thursday, January 7, 2010


If you've never heard of Arsenic Lace, well, it's time you have. It's been around for a fair amount of time now with little to do about it, but what you should know about Hawke Mai, and her store? She's good. It doesn't hurt that a certain Ghanima from +++Blue Blood+++ taught her how to create clothing, but she takes that and adds her own spin on things. Her most recent release is named after a couple of characters from a show I love, Dead Like me.

I present to you, Daisy and Rube. Maybe it's just a coincidence that they are named after the characters, but I'll go with it anyway. A gorgeous dress with two skirts, and suit set that could be worn by either a boy or a girl, both look lovely, and put you at the ready to hock your snake oil to the closest passing sucker. You'll also find some lovely dollarbie striped tights in every color you could ever want, so take a minute to check out this still largely unknown shop.

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Hempy Weezles said...

woo I love seeing new amazing clothes from fresh designers I've never heard of <3