Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last chance!

Three and a half hours to get your Best of 2009 ballots in! Answer three simple questions, send the notecard to me with your name on it, and be put in the running for some fabulous gifts, including:

- A fatpack of dresses from +++Blue Blood+++ (your choice!)
- 1000L giftcard to Tacky Star
- 500L gift card to Ticky Tacky
- 500L giftcard to ((Ripe))

the questions?

c&p these into a note card, answer them and send them to me (Wrenja Czaczkes) with your name on it, before 11:59pm SLT TONIGHT. Anything after that gets automatically deleted, sorry ;\

Top five favorite Events (hunts, or otherwise) of the year?

Top five favorite freebies/hunt finds/lucky chair winnings?

Top ten stores of the year?

Don't have 5 or 10 favorites? Well fill in as many as you DO have, it doesn't have to be complete, these are just guidelines, just get your ballot in, or you have NO chance of winning the prizes, and I'll keep them allllllll to myself. *eyes the prizes* They'll be miiiine, ALL MINE!

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