Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You're so Loretta Young Silks

Just a reminder, Designers United III ends *TOMORROW* That means, your last chance to grab some beautiful goodies that will be disappearing forever, never to return. Lovely skins, dresses and shoes, among other things await you upon arrival, but be prepared for crowds, because you probably aren't the only one running in to make some last minute purchases.

when I saw the Dollita dress set, I knew I was screwed, it's sassy, flirty and totally sexy. I still think the gloves might be my favorite part though. All of the hair, is Tiny Bird's 'Chicago' style. Narita demanded that I get it because she thought it would look cute on me. Well, she was correct and it's garnered me some lovely compliments so far.

One of the best deals at DU III is without a question, Runo Runo's 'five minutes to curtain' dress. I bought it without a second thought, the price and the quality were an immediate go. Not to be rude, so I apologize, but some of the stuff there was a bit more pricey than it needed to be, so way to go Runo Runo for making something fantastic that *everyone* can afford.

One of the more edgy sets in the event is Tacky Star's 'Fading Starlet' skin set. Aura's brash and unapologetic use of color and skin art is exciting and takes things down a different path entirely. Anexx's shoes were another big win, gorgeous style, details and sock options, what fun! I know I'm not alone when I say I'm excited to see what DU comes out with next, and what new designers they'll involve to entice and excite us.

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