Monday, January 18, 2010

You want to see me... as a noob? *cry*

So, there is a blogger challenge going on right now, courtesy Sophia Harlow. I'm kind of embarrassed to do it, cause I was a straight up mess as a noob. Well, not really. But it's still not all that pretty. I cacn't 'recreate' the look, beause, well. It's all been deleted, sans the skin and top. I was way too tall, way too skinny, and not curvy at all. Mmmm revel in that shiny hair. The skin I'm wearing is the first skin I ever bought and I worked SO hard to get it. It's 'Vanity' from Domestic-V, which Mair took off the floor shortly after I bought. Everything else pretty much is freebie dungeon whatever, except for the black part of the top, which was part of another Domestic-V set. I kind of worshipped that shop back in the day. Still do, as I love Mair to death for being so kind to me when I was new.

This is me as of last night at the Silent Sparrow 500 birds party. I'd say it's an improvement. Wouldn't you? Right now I'm just running around in underwear getting my CSR cards stamped, so, I don't think that'd be the best picture to show you. But yeah, I think just about all of us were busted as noobs, and it's alright. I'm just grateful I don't have a picture of that first outfit I put together after creating an account and getting off of noob island. That would have been scary.

Wings from atomic, corset and bra from silent sparrow, tattoos from Cyanide, headpiece from nomine, skirt from Moxie Polano and boots from J's. I whole bunch of yum all mixed up and looking lovely.


Cherry said...

I feel like an old biddy running around saying, "Noobs these days have it so easy. When I was a noob 5 years ago you HAD to buy decent things to have them."

Sorrowburn Aeon said...

...or camp 42323232 hours just for a 'decent' hair @ Gurl6. Oo

P.S. bwahahaha n00b! <3

Wrenja said...

hahaha dude I'm not even sure how long I camped for that skin xd