Saturday, January 16, 2010


Over the past few days a huge effort has been undertaken to raise funds for the disaster in Haiti. There is a skybox up on the scribble sim with a huge variety of creators chipping in with items to donate the proceeds to charity. Tacky Star has probably one of the best deals available for your donating dollar. The set I am about to show you is set at a more than reasonable price of 200L, and is worth a whole pile more than that.

The 'Tacky Star Survival Kit' comes with five skins, two sets of eyes, and one of my favorite tattoo sets she has available. There are skins from the Lolligagger line included, and if you missed out on the Designers United III set, one of the skins from her Faded Star set is stuffed in there as well. The eyes included are 'Ice Cold' as well as 'Satin Button' and come in all of her regular sizes, so you're sure to find the size you need.

All of the underwear worn is from a new venture from Ghanima of +++Blue Blood+++ and Theodore of Zanzo, called Valmai. The store caters mostly to men, but many of the styles available are unisex, and oh so cute. Every pair is 90L, and comes in a wide variety of colors. Your mens need underwear, go get them some ;x

There are a pile of other things available in in the Haitian relief store, all manner of goodies to be had, so take a trip and help do some good. They broke the 600,000k L mark last night, so let's get that up to 1,200,000. I know you all can do it, and with the goodies available, you really should.


Kala Lunasea said...

Great post and for such a good cause, will get my arse over there.

I love the socks/leg ribbons and shoes too, where are they from?

Wrenja said...

they are part of the new Cyberina set at +DV8+ :)