Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Small Town Witch

I poo poo at fantasy wear. A lot. Because I'm a snot, and kind of a bitch, but you know. That said, Evie's Closet makes me think twice. Evie's Closet has been making me sit up and take notice a LOT recently, with her recent Cygnet release, and now with her special editions for the month of January. Let me present to you, Lyra.

Lyra is a new line out just in the past few days, and while the series itself is lovely, the special editions are the real excitement here. There are two versions, Frost and Frostbite, both 750L each, and gorgeous over all. The sets come with three different skirts, a crown, wings and a sense of quality you can't find in many places. I'm just going to say right now, hands down the little tutu wins it for me, but as an ex ballerina, what do you really expect from me?

These sets will only be available through January. February 1st? They'll be gone forever and you'll only be able to wistfully look at these pictures and wish you'd grabbed one while you could.

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