Saturday, January 9, 2010

Razor Girl - Nomad

If you hadn't heard, Rezzable has a fashion show coming up "2010 - The Future Is Now.". +DV8+ had the pleasure to being invited to take part in the event, and I managed to get my sticky little fingers on a preview set. Rather than yammer on about how I love it, I'll let Vasha do the talking.

"One of the few reasons left to be pinned down to a home or apartment - is a place to keep your "stuff." But now that our computers can fit in our backpacks, and all our books can fit in our computers - along with everything else we need to write down, read, listen to, or watch... even that may become a thing of the past.

And herein lies the inspiration for Razor Girl - travel as a lifestyle; the legacy of portability in the form of digitally fueled nomads. A new kind of "life on the road" - except this time, no one's roughing it. The death of the permanent address - just check my Facebook page to see where to overnight me that package from Lisbon.

Razor Girl is my virtual answer to that less-virtual struggle - and my vision of the ultimate expression of traveling light without sacrificing an ounce of style. Thirty articles of clothing and ten accessories that are modular and simple - but can create over 100 different looks by mixing and matching them. They even come with a small suitcase, since that's all you'd ever need to carry this wardrobe of 100+ outfits with you. Be nearly naked in bra and panties, or covered from neck to ankles - with a ton of choices in between. Combine different pieces in different ways to be cute, sexy, comfortable, or look like you mean business. But this is no trip to the (failed) 80s mall installation known as Units, where no color seemed too hideous to make into ill-fitting cotton casuals. Razor Girl offers a sleek, flattering fit in bold color and black, worthy of the kind of science fiction movie heroines who grace our portable screens. Of note, I selected the name "Razor Girl" as a tip of the hat to William Gibson, avid futurist and accomplished science fiction author."

-Vasha Martinek

This unparalleled fashion event is slated to start on January 17th with stores including The Plastik, BLU282, Hat Mechanic, Bare Rose, Tekeli-li and *so* many more it's ridiculous. So, feel free to drool, you've only got a week to wait.

p.s. Hat and guns not included ;x

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