Saturday, January 30, 2010

Handle It

Ugh, I hate computer meltdowns. They make me miss important SL shopping time... :P

Clothing - Pig - Softies - Dandelion Puff & Dusty Plum - $125L (Stumblebum Exclusive)
Hair - fri. - Mandy.2 - Moody Brown, Scornful Red, Cynical Black - $250L/colorpack

Poses - - $45L each

At least the little compy and I survived enough to return in time for this weekend's Stumblebum Brigade! I just had to grab the latest release from Pig. Apatia needs to stop making things that make me jealous of my avatar. I swear it's kind of unfair how much I need this set in RL. The color set is exclusive to this weekend's sale and there are more layers than you'll ever know what to do with. It's crazy generous.

Tops - fri. - Draped.Back Sweater (Black, Navy, Emerald, Wine & Red) - $180L each
Hair - fri. - Mandy - Anxious Blond, Sensitive Black, Jealous Red, Timid Brown & Melancholy White - $250L/colorpack

Poses - - $45L each

My other new favorite thing is the new backless top from So cute - it's sexy and modest at the same time. Kind of mandatory for the old wardrobe. Plus it looks cute with or without all this sculpted prim attachments. And the new Mandy hair - adorable! You can get it with or without the scarf, but the scarf is scripted to color change and you get a ton of options. The shop has even released another fatpack of poses. I'm falling over from how much I love it all.

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