Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Everything Is Good Tonight

I've got a ridiculous amount of great stuff for you today. It's like 10 different blog posts crammed into one, so hang on tight!

Top - Sea Hole - Camille Sculpty Crop Top : Colbalt - $165L
Skin - [ROCKBERRY] Jules Red Cross natural/DKBR - $250L (Red Cross item)

Hair - fri. - Nicole - Sensitive Black - $250L


Dress - [LeeZu!] Virage Flexi Dress /mauve - $100L
(Red Cross item)
Shoes - ANEXX_StuddedJewelHeels_Black - $390

Skin - [ROCKBERRY] Jules Red Cross natural/DKBR/Cleavage - $250L
(Red Cross item)
Hair - fri. - Nicole.2 - Sensitive Black - $250L


Jacket - AOHARU_BT_FurCoat_G2_BlackFur - $195L

Shoes - R2 "Anela" Cherry - FREE (SAH Gift)

Bag - Indy&Co.: The Ireben Carry-all - FREE (SAH Gift)

Sunglasses - Kumaki - Goodworld 1.00 - FREE (SAH Gift)

Skin - *CUPCAKES - Diamond - Nutmeg - Hungover - FREE (Group Gift)

Hair - Maitreya Sasha - Bistre - $50L
(Red Cross item)

Ok, first up, I finally got a chance to swing down to the Albero Winter Sweethearts Festival, where I picked up the blue top in the first pic above from The Sea Hole and the black top in the first pic below from Vena Cava. Both of them are adorable and totally affordable. While you're there, slap the Subscribe-o-Matic for Vena Cava - there's a free pose auto gift. Heaps more down at Albero - I need to go back as soon as I have some more lindens XD

I also got a chance to swing through part of the Shoes & Accessories Hunt this weekend. So much great stuff! :O You have no idea how hard I'm kicking myself for forgetting to return my application XD Oh well! There's some truly fabulous shops involved and the gifts are really generous. In the top pic, I got the Sunglasses from Kumaki, the bag from Indyra and the boots from R2. And in the bottom pic, I got the shoes from Nardcotix, sunglasses from Hoorenbeek and another pair of shoes from Kalnins that I didnt even realize are color/texture change, till I'd already uploaded these pics. I should also note that a huge portion of the gifts in this hunt are unisex and most stores are offering gifts for both guys & girls. Drag your friends along - it's a good one!

Oh, and speaking of things you should not be missing out on, the Aoharu sale... Do you really need to be told why you need to go? Honestly - 50% off everything, all of it great quality and worth far more! I grabbed the bedazzled prim-footed shoes in the top pic, along with the little fun fur jacket and the denim jacket in pic below. Go. Go now.

Left & Center:
Top - .vc. - Black Clavicle Blouse - $90L
Skirt - +mocha+ - Hopping Shower [Red] - $50L
(Red Cross item)
Shoes - Nardcotix - Ashoka T-Strap Plaid Red - FREE (SAH Gift)

Jewelry - *tw. - have heart set *red cross* - $100L
(Red Cross item)
Hair - fri. - Victoria.2 - Cynical Black - $250L
Jacket - AOHARU_BT_VintageDenimJK_WithShirt/Black - $190L
Top - fri. - Help Thermal.Henley - $100L
(Red Cross item)
Shoes - Kalnins Footwear - SlipOns - FREE (SAH Gift)
Sunglasses - [ hoorenbeek ] Risky Glasses - FREE (SAH Gift)
Skin - [ROCKBERRY] Jules Red Cross tan/DKBR - $250L
(Red Cross item)
All Poses - fri.day - $45L each

If all that doesn't bust a hole in your wallet, how's about some new releases from Fri.day? Ugh - who can resist their hair?? Seriously - some of the best quality on the grid today. I've got 3 different styles in the pics above. And to top it off, all of the poses in the pics today are from Fri.day. They released 2 new fatpacks of poses that a pose junkie like myself cannot resist. Like everything else they do, the poses are classic, clean and just what you need.

Last but most certainly not least, I cannot tell you how floored I am by what's happening over at the Red Cross Skybox on Scribble. In just 5 days time, the skybox has doubled in size, as more and more designer donations crowd up and down the walls. There's new stuff being added daily! Check back regularly, cause you would not believe the diversity and quality of the items on offer. Every penny of which is going straight to the Red Cross. And, last I heard, the grand total raised so far is just about $2 million Linden dollars! That's roughly $8000 US. Could you just cry? Don't you just want to see that total rise?

Please run your pretty butt on over there right now and see all the new things you need to go pick up, like the Maitreya hair that's just $50L, the Leezu dress (only available at her mainstore) that will be priced at just $100L for a limited time, the Fri.day striped top, the Mocha skirt and the Trolleywood angel wing jewelry set that's just too adorable for words. Or maybe you need to go grab some new and exclusive skins from both Rockberry and Cupcakes, just $250L each! It's everything you could ever want, all for cheap prices and all for an amazing cause! Go be generous! Let's see if we can top $10,000 US before the weekend! ;D

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