Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's a Carnival

Recently, Tacky Star has seen the release of a new line of affordable skins, Pollie. Gorgeous doll skins, priced at 100L each, and lots of different versions for you to choose from, each style coming with three different mouth options. It just so happens that today is also Aura Falta's birthday (you know her, she's generally making threats against your life in L/H group chat, and owner of Tacky Star). That means, the whole store is 50% off. Including the new Pollie line of skins. Through today, unless she forgets and decides to be nice tomorrow.

Another big find is the Lollidoom line at Rotten Toe, it's recently been shoved down into the basement of the store, and repriced to only 15L a set. That's 90L for the full line of dresses, and there is no reason to NOT buy every last one of them as they are beautifully designed and totally fun. Six different dresses in a variety of colors, and ugh so yummy. The corsetry on the dresses is a big gigantic heart for me. Thanks for the tip Ms. Core.

I'm also still wearing the new Exile hair. I can't seem to take it off recently, it's prefect because it can be dressed up, down, left, right, and sideways. The color range packs provide you with plenty of options and are pretty affordable to boot.

So happy birthday Aura, way to get old ya' hooker <3 also go buy stuff from her, cause it's her birthday and shit.

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