Sunday, January 24, 2010

Furious Form

No freebies from me today but new creator Felon Fhang of Furious Form dropped a blogger pack on me the other day. It's a new store so there's not too much out at the minute but it should be worth watching for new alternative stuff. :3 The store is located in two locations - Delusion Kingdom and Draconis. All clothing and accessories shown are from Furious Form with the exception of the necklace, which is an old freebie you can still find at 19.

Currently liking this picture a lot because I never get to look tough. <.<

Detail on the shoes and tattoos. I think the boots are full perm mods. I like the Gambler's Hands a lot, I've kind of been wanting some hand or extended sleeve tattoos. :3 There's also a taller option on the boots.

Full length baggy pants. They come in straight leg too. :3

I noticed a few naming issues (left/right stuff) but I'll send the creator a NC so hopefully they'll be fixed. :3 And admittedly I wore my alt's shape because she's taller and it meant no editing on the leg prims, woo. x:

Oh, and Google Chrome has spell check, it is great although it doesn't know how to spell bandana. x:

Clothes by Furious Form
Top - Snitches Get Stitches Tank
Shorts - Shadow Baggies Shorts
Pants - Shadow Baggies
Boots - Skull Crushers with Safety Pins/Razorblades
Wrist Bandanas - Wrist Bandanas (Clean)
Hand Tattoos - Gambler's Hands
Fingertape - Fingertapes - Anarchy

Necklace by 19

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Wrenja said...

you look like you're about to fuck a bitch up, i <3 it.