Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Autumn Harvest at Jill

My girl Okrebecca summoned me to the lucky board at Jill. She finds the best boards and lucky for me they are often on H! So I got there and I was tickled pink to find this amazing outfit in the board I had not seen before. After my win I stuck around to check out the newness, its been a while since I been to Jill. Right next to the lucky board there is a sign with a free dress to celebrate Jill's First Anniversary and bunches more goodies to find if you look!

*Jill* - TD Black - Lucky Board Prize (both ties included)

*Jill* - 1st Anniversary Group Gift
Activate group tag and click the sign in the shop by the lucky boards

*Jill* - CDD Black - Group Gift upstairs have group tag active

*Jill* - RD Black - Group Gift upstairs have tag active

*Jill* - Group Gift JBA-S upstairs have group tag active

*Jill* - CD Olive - 100L
This last outfit I purchased for only 100L. I think the textures are excellent, it comes with three different skirt options. The jacket part is versatile I'll have fun mixing and matching it with other things. The hat is from Split Pea, called "Oliver Twisted".
All the hair shown in this post is from a favorite store of mine Tiny Bird! Some are from my extensive collection, and some are new I picked up from the recent 50% off sale the shop is having to celebrate the Sim's first anniversary! If ever there was a time to run out and splurge on hair... it is now! Happy Shopping the Sale ends Sunday, Oct. 25Th!


Litzi Xue said...

Yo Hempy! I like your background *wink wink nudge nudge*

Great post!! <3

Hempy Weezles said...

*Dorky wink*

Thanks <333

Narita said...

great post girl! :D