Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hey kids, I hope you like the new layout. I'm quite fond of it, if I do say so myself. I meant to get this up yesterday, but yesterday had a serious way of sidetracking me and made sure I got absolutely nothing done. Anyway, there is a LOT of new stuff at Violent Seduction, starting off with the newest, the Forgotten dress. As Ikaru describes it 'a very cute and innocent looking white dr- BLOOD SPLATTER EVERYWHERE LIKE YOU TOTALLY TOOK DOWN AN ENTIRE ZOMBIE HOARD BY YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU DID.' Awww yeah.

Next up we have the new Infernal Masquerade set, a divine EGL set, with one of the most fabulous bustles you're going to find on a dress. I sat there watching Iki build it, and I didn't believe her at first, but look at that thing, it is fantastic. It comes in five creepy colors, and I'm positive you'll look amazing in any of them.

Ever wanted to cosplay a waiter? Well even if you didn't, this is a charming set, and the first unisex set from Violent Seduction. It even has a ridiculous name, I can barely pronounce it! Besixdouze has all kinds of fun options, and comes in five colors as well. Perfect if you want to wait tables, deal poker... all kinds of fun stuff.


Audrina said...

Really beautiful dresses!

Can I also ask where the hair in the first picture is from?

Thank you :)

Wrenja said...

Hair in the first picture is actually from Violent Seduction as well :)

Its on the right 'new releases' board when you enter the store, can't miss it.