Monday, October 5, 2009

Is It Too Early To Mention The H Word?

I'm not a big fan of Hallowe'en (just not so big on the commercialism) but I have some black and orange for you and some spooky skins. :3

The Dollhouse has reopened back on the LVS sim and this is the join gift from the Hippo subscriber. :3 Kind of wish the corset was on jacket layer but you can wear it in a number of layers including as an individual bustless corset, woo.

There is also a Midnight Mania just outside the store. I'm fairly certain it's the same dress as last year but it's still very pretty. This was the first MM prize I ever remember seeing and winning. x: It comes with it's own puppet AO. If it's actually a different dress you can throw your pumpkin entrails at me. x: I do wonder why the bloomers are white though.

And a mention to the skins. They are a gift from the &Bean subscriber and I recommend picking up some demos for the regular skins because they're pretty. <3 These skins were posted on D-List a few weeks ago but I completely over-looked that one of them was a men's skin because she wore them both on her regular shape. I figure other people may have done the same so here it is on my new man-shape, which I modded from LL's elf shape in the library. <.< It just required some jaw surgery and some serious mouth down-turn. Is 63 ever an attractive amount of up turn on lips?

I actually took this a while ago, I just haven't gotten around to posting it, hence the entirely different photograph style. x.x

First Dress - The Dollhouse - Hippo Subscriber Join Gift
Second Dress - The Dollhouse - Midnight Mania
Both Skins - &Bean - Subscriebr Gift


Hempy Weezles said...

great post trick! and it is the same dress w/ the puppet ao. :)

Laika said...

real nice post! :)
but where have you get your hoofs and horns?

Trickett Nightfire said...

Woo. Thanks Hempy. :3
Hooves are from the Titania's Court faun av which does come with it's own horns. Antlers are from Illusions.