Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Fabulousity

I have been wanting to show you these absolutely fabulous new skins for a while. They are from one of our favorite designers Munchflower Zaius of Nomine and, there is nothing more perfect for Halloween I assure you! Munch has just out done herself this year!

*Nomine* Zombie Stage 1 (Light)

*Nomine* Zombie Stage 2 (Mid)

*Nomine* Zombie Stage 3 (Pale)

*Nomine* Zombie Stage 4 (Dark)
The Zombie skin series is really gruesome and disgusting, and executed flawlessly! Each stage is considerably different and with stage 4 you get all kinds of rotting gory goodness in fact you get 8 attachable fleshy parts including an exposed brain prim! I have no idea how Munch does it but the way she makes these exposed bone and organ prims is amazing! They are remarkably realistic! It also comes with Zombie hair.

*Nomine* Frankenskin Female Skin (Light)
*Nomine* Magdalena Gown - Virgin White
*Jetdoll* Bride O Frank Hair Black/White - 100L
Del's Shop Pet Shoulder Rat - On Sale 15L

*Nomine* Peach/White/China Dollskin Seamed - Vamp
Dilly Dolls Wendy Orange Dress - Lucky Board Prize
Dilly Dolls Dolly Retro Rose Shoes - Lucky Fortune Prize

*Nomine* Seamed Dollskins - Vamp
Peach - White - China
All the skins featured in this post would be a treasured addition to your holiday collections. While they are not cheap - selling for 1,000L each, they are absolutely worth it! The quality and attention to detail are amazing and exactly what we've come to expect from Nomine.

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Narita said...

AWESOME post girl! those pics came out great! so much good stuff! :D