Friday, October 2, 2009

Welcome to the Jungle

Hai Folks! I got Narita to help me out with this one. I just had to show you these new Releases from Reasonable Desires! For this one we traveled to Costa Rica Sim, we conquered the jungle and celebrated our victory doing voodoo rituals around this sacred waterfall.

*Reasonable Desires* Shaman - UNISEX - 150L
12 pc set everything shown (minus the hair and white hair feathers)
Just in time for Halloween but these are good year round!
RD never skimps on the accessories this comes with a Staff and Shrunken Head!
I'm in love with this skin I'm wearing. I'm on the left in the picture and the skin is the newest group gift from Belleza called Jesse. To join the group it costs 250L.

These Jungle Cats are on the prowl!
Left *RD* Explorer Jane - 150 (hair and boots not included)
Right *RD* Adventurous Lingerie - 50L

Here we are in the Africa Sim about to embark on a great adventure!
Got to thank Narita for joining me in this post. Doesn't she look lovelyhere modeling the
*RD* Adventuress Mega Pack! A 21 pc set, Its got so many options you certainly wont be disappointed with this one! And the textures are really fabulous. 250L
I've gone DRAG for you here to model the *RD* Explorer. 199L
I'm pretty sure Narita was checking out my butt.

I'm also wearing Shape it up Shape "Joel for Bloggers", and Belleza past Group Gift Jonas,
HOC Grungy Boots I resized to fit him 40L

As always dont forget to join the *Reasonable Desires* update group and pick rewards!
Always find generous gifts from Austie and her crew!


Narita said...

lol girl you got the best butt in sl, drag or not ;D

Hempy Weezles said...

Oh my! *fans self*