Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don't Be Jealous

There's a Hunt on at the new Gal Sim!

Left to Right:
1 - :::: Liquid by ENVY :::: Daily Lingerie/Mauve houndstooth
2 - :::: Liquid by ENVY :::: Daily Lingerie/White houndstooth
3 - :::: Liquid by ENVY :::: Daily Lingerie/Black houndstooth
4 - :::: Liquid by ENVY :::: Daily Lingerie/Cyan houndstooth
5 - :::: Liquid by ENVY :::: Daily Lingerie/Mint houndstooth
6 - :::: Liquid by ENVY :::: Daily Lingerie/Moca houndstooth

Liquid by Envy is taking part in the hunt & has hidden a whopping 9 sets of their houndstooth print lingerie all around the sim. Hempy & I are modeling just 6 of the colors available. They're too adorable! Each set comes with little resizable, prim ruffle attachments for both the bra and panties, plus a babydoll option. Super sweet & sexy & all totally FREE.

Hempy's also showing off the 2 new Tatum hair styles that came out last night. Every girl on the grid is running around in these right now, but they're too cute to pass up. Each set of 4 shades in each color tone is $250L. Hempy's also got the new Donna Flora dollarabie Spider Necklace in that first pic. It's really well-crafted and comes with matching earrings. You're gonna need this for Halloween & nights at the goth clubs. ;D

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Isadora said...

that lingerie is so cute and sexy!
gotta grab! :Q____