Monday, October 12, 2009

The Witch & the Vampire

Baiastice just sent out another gift! :D

Dress - Ibizarre Knitdress Paloma (black) - FREE (Mix & Mingle Hunt #25)
Skin - Baiastice_Halloween Witch-black brows - FREE (Group Gift set)
Hair - (Baiastice)Witch&Vampire hair 2 - FREE (Group Gift set)
Eyes - Baiastice the Witch Eyes - FREE (Group Gift set)

Never one to miss out on some fun, Baiastice has just sent out a new Group Gift for Halloween! You get two options in the set - the Vampire or the the Witch. I have a feeling you're going to want to be both at the same time because each option is so tempting. For the Witch, you get a set of dewy teary skins & deep black eyes. For the Vampire, you get a set of bloody-mouthed skins, hazy grey eyes & fangs. She even threw in a fabulously dramatic hair style to go with both!

Top - Blackstar - Chemistry Top - FREE (^V^†Dark Katz Hunt†^V^ #105)
Pants - Black Leather Pants (Wire) - FREE (Kakaue Hunt Gift #15)
Skin - Baiastice_Halloween Vampire-black brows - FREE (Group Gift set)
Eyes - Baiastice the Vampire Eyes - FREE (Group Gift set)

Fangs - Baiastice_Vampire fangs FREE (Group Gift set)

To complete your look, there are tons of things to chose from on the grid right now - especially with all 1374623 Hunts going on. I pulled the Mix & Mingle Hunt dress from Ibizarre for the Witch. And for the Vampire, there's goodies at Blackstar - the top is in the Dark Katz Hunt, and the pants are in the Kakaue Hunt. I've lost track of which hunt is ending when, but I've checked & all of these items are available right now, so get them while you still can!

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