Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oceane's Skins and Seldom Blue

I got a notice about some Seldom Blue offers at Oceane's Skins, a shop I had never heard of.

I scurried over to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised I really liked the looks of the skins. Seldom Blue has some really good buys out there too including this very sexy quite revealing spider web lingerie I'm showing in this post for you. The skin pictured is a Halloween special from Oceane which you can purchase for 100L. I am very happy with it I love the porcelain skin, blood red lips, the cleavage is awesome.. I like! I also left Oceane's with pockets full of demos and I now have a wish list for the next shopping spree I'm able to go on. The prices are pretty reasonable for 900L each and there is cleavage options which I like.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing more!

Halloween Witch Skin by Oceane's Skins - 100L

Spider Body Suit by Seldom Blue - 1L

Hair By Vignette - 0L

Vignette is offering all the items free from now on to help those avatars in need.

Lets give back generously to them, As they are giving so generously to all.

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