Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Finally Really Like The Colour Pink

When I was younger I made up my mind that I disliked pink a lot. But it happens to have really grown on me since playing SL.
And like Wren, I've taken a break from hunting and frantically trying to catch up with things and most importantly delete things to show you these beautiful skins. :3

They are the latest freebie from Cupcakes and they're available to everyone for Hallowe'en. There's more tones, I just picked my favourites to show. I think this is Lace, Goth and Sambuca. If you like them you should consider joining the group if you have space as they regularly give out free skins. There is also a green version of this make-up for sale as well as other Hallowe'en make-ups at a reduced price.

Skins - Cupcakes - Hallowe'en Freebie
Underwear - KA Designs - Freebie in skins section

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