Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hello Darlings, I've got the new +++Blue Blood+++ Dresses to show off tonight. 'AnaLu' is a versatile and beautiful set with endless possibilities. It has, three, count them, *three* skirts. On top of that it has a lovely optional jacket top, with a collar that is to die for.

The dress comes in five colors, the black version of course being exclusive to group members. I love that the dress can be elegant, punky and fun all at the same time, and that it can be worn so many different ways. It just makes the set that much more worth it.

You might have noticed the gorgeous necklace in the first picture. This beauty just happens to be *free*. It's in the lucky chair at U&R Dogs, and this necklace is ridiculous. It has the capability to change color. Not just a few weird, more like 71 colors. Nothing like going overboard. You'll be able to match this necklace to *every* outfit, and look fabulous. If you can't stand the wait, it is available for sale right next to the lucky chair, so you have lots of options to get this pretty.

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