Monday, October 12, 2009

click your heels?

oh Hai! I totally forgot that the Oziversary was today! Still, I managed to get in, get some of the best goodies, and get out before the lag dragged me down like Artax in the swamp of sadness (I should probably make an Oz reference, too bad, you get Neverending Story). There are 27 gifts all together that you can get including some from new shops on the sim, like ~@Prettiful@~. When I got the notice from ~@Prettiful@~ about their prizes in the hunt a few days ago, I squealed.

Katat0nik isn't letting anyone down either, this time, you don't just get a dress. No, you get a hat, AND MATCHING BOOTS. Ugh, can you say beautiful. I'm positive most of the goth girls in the room either just died or ran screaming and clawing to the Magic of Oz sim to pick up these pretties. Perfectly witchy and wonderful for the holiday, or everyday.

I love Balderdash, and she most definitely did not disappoint with her gift in the hunt, a matching necklace and earrings, beautifully detailed, and just a lovely set in general. Make sure to check out how the necklace sits on your back. It's a nice touch, though one no one would ever expect. And last, but not least is Wasabi Pill's gift of haaaaaair. I've gotten so much hair in the past twenty four, I'm pretty sure I'm about to drown in it. Not that I really care, but you know. Mmmm hair.

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