Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hair, Hair, Glorious Hair

Boo! Sorry. So, yeah. I've been away and will be kind of in and out for the next few weeks. My step father died, and it really isn't such a bad thing as the condition he was in, when the decision was made, was not a good one. So I'm at peace with it and everything is alright on that front. But, I'm still super busy with real life right now, I am less than a week away from moving like 1200 miles away from home. I'm totally freaked out, but its a good thing. Hopefully this will be an end to a year of upheaval for me, and I can start having some really great things coming my way. Thank you so much to everyone who has been supportive and helpful to me through this journey I've had the past 10 months now ^^; I appreciate your caring an generosity more than I can really express.

As for really great things coming *your* way, there is *hair* ladies. Free and cheap and wonderful hair all over the grid right now. I wish I could be more present to mess myself over all of the great Halloween stuff, but I have a whole house to gut, and that's no fun. So last night I took a little break, and got some pictures taken of a couple of things I grabbed last night. Starting at [Gauze] Mmmmm.

[Gauze] has a lucky dip, a pretty nasty lucky dip, but the prize is so worth it. It is a pack of hair in four colors (pumpkin not shown). You don't have to catch all four colors, just the pack, but it's a challenge. It's the only gift in a sea of booby prizes, but I know you can do it, and for the low, low price of *free*. Why wouldn't you?

Curious Kitties
also has some special Halloween hair out. Four different styles which will be disappearing after Halloween, for only 100L each. I couldn't live without the piggy tails, and the limited edition HUD, which included the orange below, as well as two streaked versions of black. Black with red, and Black with green, also 100L. There are also a pile of cheapies, a couple of freebies, and other fun stuff! Grab these while you can, as they won't be around for long, and you will be kicking yourself later on.

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