Monday, October 5, 2009

I almost put in a RuPaul reference, then I thought better of it.

The Glamour Expo is back, and I'm finding it a little crazy. I still remember last year's vividly, and I just find it strange to be seeing signs that it really has been a year. It feels like the expo is bigger this time around, but it might just be that I have a better grasp on the format, and event life in SL in general. Regardless, there are a lot of really nice spots to check out, and a fair amount of freebies as well!

Once again, the expo is taking on a charity aspect, and it's nice to see that nearly all of the vendors are getting involved as they should. The charity this time around is Care International, this charity is devoted to ending poverty and takes special emphasis in helping women and children. you can learn more about the charity at their website,

I did notice one store that didn't take part, and they also didn't have a charity piece out at the jewelry fair. Believe me, I'm keeping tabs, and judging you. I fail to understand why some of these creators can't sacrifice *HALF* the profit of one item, (for what, two weeks?) for a good cause. You do realize, it kind of makes you look bad right? Well, all I have to say is that karma has a way of biting you in the ass, so you might reconsider. Doing good deeds does wonders.

The expo runs through the 18th, and there will be all kinds of fashion shows and other events going on at the space through that time. Go shop, drool and get glammed up, and give a good charity some love. I have to say, Mimikri's charity offerings are quite tempting... but as are SO many others! I dunno which I'll choose! Have fun!

Also the skin is the new Tremere skin from B. Bodenhall, I love the smokey eyes on this skin, more so than the smokey eyes on a lot of the other skins I own, it looks so devious, of course... It is named after a vampire clan, so I suppose it's to be expected.


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rupaul references are ALWAYS appropriate

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you betta werk.