Saturday, October 3, 2009


It's not even Halloween and I'm already being drowned in goodies. Honestly, I'm just glad I'm excited for it, but the time Halloween was over last year I was *so* ready for it to be over. So, have you ever heard of an Adventweenie? I hadn't either until I got a hint today.

[XOXO] Shoes
is hosting an 'Adventweenie' through the month of October to celebrate Halloween. Everyday you can stop by and score a super cute gift. Today, you can snatch up the candy jack and witchy hat I'm wearing. 'But Wrenja!' you say. 'What about those monsters!' Well my darlings, these are a new offering from D-Lab(upstairs) at the Ciocolatta Gacha Festival. It's 20L a pop and there are six little monsters waiting to come home with you, also it will give you fodder for the next Gacha swap on the 17th :D

Another new gacha goodie are the holiday whistles from *+*PUKU-PUKU*+* (downstairs) this machine is 10L a pop, with six possible prizes, two of which being super rare. Luckily, the cutie ghost up there isn't one of the rare ones. It actually whistles when you click on it too, making it ridiculously cute. So I'm off to grab more of the goodies hiding around the grid, you might consider it too!

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