Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bit of a Mashup

I was inspired by the colors of Autumn when I got this fab gifty from G*Field. I picked up a couple more things on my virtual travels the last few days I mixed some of them in for you.
In the middle I'm showing the G*Field outfit *GF* Long Sweater Halloween Set includes the sweater, green leggings, sculpted sleeves, collar, and nice belt. I paired it with these amazing Decoy ankle boots Narita blogged. Also I stumbled on a shop called KiK where I picked up this hair in the middle free! They have some cheapie 10L hairs with sculpted witch hats and other dollarbies worth checking out. (I tinted the hat)
On the left I picked up the scarf at G*Field as well for 1L they have some great gifties look around they aren't hard to find! I'm showing off some more of my Decoy scores and if you haven't been yet what are you waiting for! Even the hair is on sale.
Here showing Katie Basic Pack.
Last but not least on the right I took part of freebie dress I found again at G*Field its called *GF* Brown Tunic. I left off the prim part and thought it went perfect with this sweater from {Bingo} that I got at the Sunny Sim! You may have been by the freebie cafe Narita blogged out at the Sunny Sim but, I didn't see this the first time I went. The other new thing you will find there is the hair I'm wearing by OhMai! Isn't it cute! Definitely a designer to look out for.

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