Tuesday, October 20, 2009

frills and thrills

Taking a break from the constant stream of Halloween goodies, Seldom Blue is celebrating the opening of a new store at EOSTARA, by releasing a new series of bridal gown with a couple of pretty sweet, and not so bridal, offers. Flirty, fun and, well, naughty choices abound, and you're sure to find some goodies to fit into your budget.

Despite my strong affliction for black, I've never been one to hide my love for pink. When they showed the bridal gown at their fashion show a little while back, I remember this being my favorite. Not only because it's, well, pink, but because its so dramatic. Dramatic is something Seldom Blue is pretty good at, and they do not disappoint. Every piece in this series, is dramatic in one way or another, from the lingerie, and the super tiny thong. To the dollarbie dress above and its ridiculously awesome poofy skirt. Ugh, I love poofy skirts.

I, personally, don't understand the concept of SL marriages. But, I know it's big business on the grid, and you girls love you some weddings. So, I sucked it up, and got this sucker on, just for you. I'm not even sure I want to get married in real life, let alone second life, but putting on the dress left me a tittering, twirly mess anyway. The power of wedding dresses, is kind of frightening. Even though I highly doubt I'll ever get married in SL, I love this dress, if only for the corsetry. It. Is. So. Pretty. I'm a huge sucker for pink and white, but UGH SO CUTE. And really, I'm a pretty bride, aren't I? ;)

Now, here's hoping they decide to shower us in new latex for Halloween. *squeals*